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The Value Of Language Skills

The Value Of Language Skills

9th May 2024
Diego On Site Manager

Diego, the On-Site Manager at our Norwich depot, is a testament to the value of language skills and cultural adaptability. Originally from Brazil, he moved to Portugal at the age of 11 and then to the UK in 2016, and he has worked at Go Service Solutions for nearly seven years.

Diego already speaks three languages and is now learning a fourth to help him communicate better with his multicultural team. Here is his story:

My journey with languages began at The University of Algarve, where I studied languages and communication, specifically English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

I firmly believe that being fluent in different languages is essential for navigating today’s interconnected world. Not only does it broaden our perspectives and deepen cultural understanding, but it also facilitates effective communication in diverse professional settings.

Being multilingual has been a tremendous asset in my experience. It enables me to connect with colleagues and clients from different backgrounds and build stronger relationships.

I’m currently learning Bulgarian to better understand my colleagues’ culture and way of thinking. I have already seen a considerable improvement in how I communicate with my Bulgarian coworkers, which makes for a much smoother working relationship and enables me to help them more with any issues.

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