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How to Use Your Van to Earn More on Your Days Off

How to Use Your Van to Earn More on Your Days Off

27th March 2024
earn more as a delivery driver

If you are a self-employed owner driver, maybe for Amazon, you are used to your day rate to cover the hours you work. But what can you do if you want to make more money on your days off? This guide will show you how to use your van to boost your income by finding new jobs that work well with your schedule so you can make more money in your free time.

Understanding Jobs for Contract Van Drivers

When you’re not delivering on your contract, other shops, businesses and people might need your help. Some might need to send things nearby or have big items that don’t fit normal courier schedules. Your van is useful for these jobs too. By looking for different work, you can keep driving and earning in your time off.

Using Your Van for Different Jobs

Maybe think about delivering different types of products, such as food, helping local stores, or moving stuff for people. This can make your off days profitable. Offering different delivery services provides flexible options for earning more when you’ve got the spare time.

How to Find Extra Work for Your Van

  1. Talk to People

    When you’re out delivering, you come across many local businesses. Make a point to talk with the owners or managers. Share that you’re available for extra delivery work. A short conversation can lead to new opportunities. Even if they don’t need your delivery services right away, they might remember you when they do. Building these local connections can be key to finding regular delivery work on your free days.

  2. Join More Platforms

    There’s a whole world of delivery work beyond Amazon or your existing contract supplier. Explore different platforms that connect drivers with jobs, including courier services and other local delivery apps. Some popular examples in the UK are Courier Exchange, DeliveryApp and Same Day Courier Network. By diversifying where you get your jobs from, you increase your chances of having a full schedule. Plus, different platforms might be busier at different times of the week or during different seasons, helping you stay busy all year round.

  3. Show Off Your Work

    You are good at your job, so let others know about it. Create a simple online presence through social media or a personal website. Share pictures of your vehicle and any positive feedback you’ve received. Highlighting your punctuality, reliability, and professionalism can attract new customers. This digital showcase acts as your online business card – it’s where people look first when considering your services.

  4. Offer Niche Deliveries

    Think about what unique delivery services you could provide. Are there items that require special care or vehicles that you can handle? This could include delivering large items, providing temperature-controlled transport, or offering speedy same-day services. Specialising in a niche not commonly covered by larger delivery companies can make you the go-to person for these specific needs, often leading to better pay and more consistent work.

Managing Your Time as a Delivery Driver

Balancing delivery work with other jobs can be tricky, but it’s doable with a bit of planning. Here’s how to keep on top of things without wearing yourself out:

  1. Use Tech Tools

    In today’s world, a smartphone or computer can be your best friend for staying organised. Use a digital calendar or scheduling app to track your delivery jobs. This helps you see your week at a glance and prevents double-booking yourself. You can set reminders for your pick-ups and drop-offs so you never miss a beat. It’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket!

  2. Rest Well

    It’s tempting to fill every gap in your schedule with more work, but remember, your health comes first. Make sure to schedule breaks and get plenty of rest. A well-rested driver is a safe and efficient one. Think of rest as part of your job – a well-rested you will perform better and make fewer mistakes. It’s not just about sleeping well but also giving yourself time to relax between jobs.

  3. Plan for Surprises

    Even the best plans can face unexpected delays – traffic jams, long lines when picking up items, or bad weather. When you’re setting up your schedule, don’t pack your jobs too tightly together. Allow some extra time between deliveries for these unexpected hold-ups. This not only reduces stress but also helps you maintain a reputation for reliability. Customers will appreciate your punctuality, and you’ll feel less rushed, which in turn can lead to safer driving.

By branching out and making the most of your delivery capabilities, you can fill your schedule and increase your earnings without relying heavily on any single company. It’s about seeing the bigger picture, embracing change, and being open to your community’s diverse needs. So go ahead, expand your horizons, and watch as your van helps boost your earnings while you provide valuable services to those around you.

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