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10 Essential Interview Tips for Self-Employed Delivery Drivers

10 Essential Interview Tips for Self-Employed Delivery Drivers

13th February 2024
delivery driver interview tips

As a self-employed delivery driver, your job is not just about delivering packages; it’s about being reliable and efficient and achieving excellent customer satisfaction. When you’re seeking new opportunities or contracts, interviews play a crucial role in securing work. To help you excel in these interviews, we’ve gathered ten essential tips that will set you apart from the competition and increase your chances of landing that next delivery job.

1. Highlight Your Delivery Experience

Highlighting your delivery experience is perhaps the most important tip we can share with you, as your experience is what allows you to showcase your suitability for the role you are interviewing for. Start your interview by emphasising your experience as a delivery driver. Discuss the types of deliveries you’ve handled and any specific challenges you’ve overcome. An effective way to showcase your experience is to use the STAR Method to illustrate how you handle specific situations.

STAR Method

The STAR method allows you to structure the examples you give to questions in interviews. You can use the method to highlight the skills and qualities that you have that the employer is looking for.

  • Situation – the situation you had to deal with
  • Task – the task you were given to do
  • Action – the action you took
  • Result – what happened as a result of your action and what you learned from the experience

For example;

Situation – In my role as a delivery driver for [Insert previous employer name], on one occasion my van broke down.

Task – I had been tasked with delivering a time-sensitive parcel and I was going to be unable to deliver the parcel on time.

Action – I immediately took steps to ensure the parcel could still be delivered; I called my supervisor to let them know the circumstances, I checked in with another driver to see if they could pick up the time-sensitive parcel and deliver it and I then called a mechanic.

Result – Another driver was able to collect the parcel and deliver it in time to the satisfied customer. My van was then fixed within 2 hours allowing me to complete my route.


  • Try to keep your examples short and to the point; this will make them easier to remember and help the interview flow nicely
  • To avoid appearing too rehearsed, you should try to speak in a conversational way
  • The employer may ask follow-up questions about the examples you give, so be prepared to answer

2. Demonstrate Your Geographic Knowledge

Delivery drivers must navigate various routes efficiently. During the interview, showcase your familiarity with local areas, knowledge of traffic patterns, and proficiency in using navigation tools (e.g. Sat Nav). This will demonstrate to the employer that you have the ability to make timely and efficient deliveries.

3. Share Your Problem-Solving Skills

Delivery drivers often encounter unexpected issues, from address errors to traffic delays. Don’t be afraid to describe how you’ve encountered and resolved such challenges in the past. Employers often appreciate candidates who can think on their feet and find solutions under pressure.

4. Emphasise Customer Service Experience

Delivery drivers deal with clients and recipients every day, therefore your customer service skills will be a significant consideration for the interviewer when deciding your suitability for the role. Talk about how you handle enquiries, address concerns, and ensure a positive customer experience throughout the delivery process. This will show that you have the soft skills to represent their company as a delivery driver.

5. Discuss Your Time Management Skills

Time management is critical for meeting delivery schedules. Explain how you plan your routes, prioritise deliveries, and ensure that parcels are delivered on time. This demonstrates your ability to manage your work efficiently, which is a very valuable skill in this industry.

6. Showcase Your Adaptability

The delivery industry evolves rapidly, with new technologies and more effective delivery methods emerging constantly. Discuss your ability to adapt to changes, learn new tools, and stay updated with industry trends. This will illustrate your willingness to embrace innovation and new technology to the employer.

7. Highlight Organisational Abilities

Delivery drivers must keep track of packages, records, and, on occasion, invoices. Share how you maintain organisation in your work, from sorting packages to maintaining accurate delivery logs. Your organisational skills reflect your attention to detail.

8. Express Responsibility and Accountability

Self-employed delivery drivers are responsible for their success. During the interview, communicate your sense of responsibility and accountability. Mention how you take ownership of your work, meet deadlines, and ensure deliveries are completed accurately.

9. Address Stress Management

Delivery drivers often work under tight schedules and face stressful situations. Discuss your strategies for managing stress, staying calm under pressure, and making sound decisions during challenging times, which is especially important as the employer will want to know that you can remain safe on the road in any circumstance.

10. Demonstrate Financial Literacy

As a self-employed driver, you manage your finances independently. Explain your financial literacy, including budgeting, tracking expenses, and understanding taxation. This demonstrates your fiscal responsibility and reliability.


Securing a self-employed delivery driver role requires more than just having a delivery van and knowing how to drive. Interviews provide an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your skills, experience, and professionalism. By emphasising your delivery expertise, geographic knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and customer service skills, you’ll stand out as a qualified and reliable candidate. By following the tips we’ve given you, you can boost your appeal to potential employers.

So, when you’re preparing for your next interview as a self-employed delivery driver, keep these essential tips in mind and practice using the STAR method for interview questions as a way to prove your soft skills and highlight how you handle situations effectively. These tips will not only help your chances of securing the job but also leave a lasting impression as a dependable and capable delivery professional.

Good luck with your interviews and continued success in the delivery industry!

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