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The benefits of fuel cards

The benefits of fuel cards

22nd January 2023

Company fuel cards are a quick and convenient way of paying for fuel. If you’ve never used a fuel card before, you may not be aware of the positive impact it can have on your business and its finances.

Petrol & Diesel Expenses

If you run your van across a geographical area, you will know how the pence per litre can fluctuate between different areas. With a fuel card, you get a weekly fixed discounted rate across the country that increases the flexibility of where you (and your team) can refuel across a large network.

Your vehicles will be exposed to fuels with the highest standard available in the UK at the likes of Shell and Esso branded stations. In return, this fuel will clean your engine and enhance its performance.


The days where drivers must carry cash or reclaim expenses from business owners are over. The fuel card provides a safe and secure way to pay for fuel nationwide by being pin authorised and offers tighter controls that can enable businesses to set spending caps on cards or selected vehicle registrations. These special features help prevent any fraudulent activity.

Financial Benefit

Not only will business owners save money on their fuel bills but using a fuel card has a positive effect on the businesses cash flow as with any fuel card account the business will have agreed payment terms and credit limits.
Fuel cards also offer a way to streamline the admin processes within the business. You will no longer need to keep receipts or have staff reclaim back fuel expenses. You will receive one invoice with your itemised billing tailored to your needs.


As the world is becoming a cleaner, greener place, some networks are adding electric as a product to purchase on the cards. This then allows anyone with hybrid or fully electric cars to still take advantage of having a fuel card. Using electric lowers co2 emissions and supports the beginning of a carbon-neutral world.

If you are thinking of opening a fuel account and want transparency, assurance and integrity then get in touch with Fuelogic who can assist many businesses in tailoring a fuel package specifically to your spending habits.

Post by Fuelogic – industry leaders in cutting fleet costs through valued partnerships with companies such as Shell, Texaco, Esso and Keyfuels.

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