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How to find work as a delivery driver

How to find work as a delivery driver

30th August 2023
Finding a delivery driver job

With the significant rise in online shopping popularity, the good news is that the need for multi-drop drivers is increasing, which means that now is a better time than any to become a delivery driver. With most online retailers now offering next-day delivery, expectations are higher than ever. So, do you think you have what it takes?

So you have your van and insurance, and you’re ready to go. So how can you get work? Read this quick and straightforward guide on how to get a job as a delivery driver.

The role

The role of a delivery driver is to collect, transport and deliver goods to customers or clients. With a wide range of companies to work for, you could be working for a retail business right through to a courier company.

The average annual salary for a van driver is £25,000 per year (August 2023). This type of role is ideal if you are looking for flexible or part-time work. Full-time drivers tend to work between 36 and 48 hours per week.

The day-to-day role of a delivery driver usually starts when you collect the goods from a shop, warehouse or collection point. After loading the vehicle, you will need to check that your delivery route is clear and unaffected by roadworks or traffic delays so that you are making deliveries on time.


You’ll need certain qualities if you want to be a successful delivery driver, the main one, funnily enough, being a keen sense of direction. Whether you rely on a satnav or not, it only takes a battery to die, a loss of signal or a lengthy traffic diversion to throw your delivery schedule off.

Communication and a positive attitude is an essential quality for a delivery driver as you’ll come into contact with plenty of people throughout your working day. An eagerness to smile and an attitude of going above beyond can make you a valuable asset to any company.

Being physically fit is also pretty important. While you will be driving a lot in your role, you’ll also be getting in and out of your vehicle and moving potentially heavy packages to get them to their final destination.

How to find work

Word of mouth

So this may sound simple and relatively obvious but tell everyone you know that you are in business and are available for work; your friends, family, neighbours etc. Word of mouth is paramount for most businesses, as it encourages a positive reputation. By telling everyone you know, you are increasing your chances of making the right contacts and obtaining work.

Delivery websites

With a growing need for delivery drivers, most major companies list job details for self-employed and employed roles on their websites. Ensure that you take care when looking at positions; it is vital to understand the rates of pay and service expectations fully. There are companies out there that guarantee nothing, pay very little and expect a lot in return.

Set a reminder to check these websites regularly for the best opportunities and to apply for jobs. If there is a particular company that you are interested in working for, you could always try approaching them directly and asking if they have any available roles; this proactive behaviour is an attractive quality for a business when looking to hire.

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Job boards

The internet is full of job boards that advertise readily available work. Providers such as Indeed, Reed and Monster have plenty of opportunities being listed daily. With the added feature of email notifications giving you direct access to all new listings, this is potentially a relatively effortless way of searching for work.

Websites like Courier Exchange charge a fee to join but offer a vast network of businesses advertising one-off jobs. As a delivery driver, this can help you make contacts and boost your networking circle.

Remember to always be polite in conversation, including emails, as you never know who you will need to speak to in the future. One bad reply could be remembered by a company you later want to work for.

Sign writing & website

Getting noticed is a priority when looking for a role as a delivery driver. So how can people find out about your services?

As a delivery driver, you drive around all week; therefore, your van could act as a portable billboard to advertise your services. It may be worth investing in some signwriting for your van, this doesn’t need to be expensive, but it is a rather effective way to get your name out there. It is worth considering that some companies prefer you to have a plain vehicle, which may mean that adding sign writing to your van could restrict your job opportunities. However, this all depends on the type of delivery work you are looking for, but this may need to be a factor in your considerations.

With most people turning to the internet when searching for, well, anything these days, getting online is essential. Another great way to get yourself seen is to put yourself online with your very own website. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy, but having a presence online for people to find you is invaluable and can help promote a strong reputation for your growing business.

Pick up the phone

This may sound old-fashioned, but a good way to find work is to pick up the phone. There is nothing wrong with identifying businesses that use delivery services and then phoning them to discuss the services you offer and asking them for work. Letting your personality shine through on a phone call can help establish a real connection with the business, much more than an impersonal email or leaflet. If that all still sounds a bit daunting, think of the old saying, “If you don’t ask, you don’t get”. This could be the key to getting the opportunities you want.


Finding a delivery driver job has never been easier, so take advantage of the growing popularity of online shopping and start searching for a role that suits you. Remember to get your name out there, build connections and be proactive in your search for work.

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