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The Importance Of Branded Workwear For Delivery Drivers

The Importance Of Branded Workwear For Delivery Drivers

28th October 2022
branded clothing for delivery drivers

Good branding plays a significant role in creating a well-established business. As a delivery driver, having a strong brand can improve your perceived professionalism, driving business your way. With a cohesive branding approach through your social media and website, as well as signwriting on your van, you can quickly become a reputable business that is well recognised, making you the go-to choice for your customers.

As a delivery driver, you will likely be customer-facing for every delivery you make. However, one element of branding that is often overlooked and unappreciated is the power of a good uniform. By combining a smart, branded uniform with excellent customer service and a friendly attitude can help you establish your business brand and build your customers confidence in your values and services.

Appropriate Uniform

When choosing a uniform, it is important to consider the suitability of particular clothing items by ensuring that they are the most appropriate for your role. For example, suppose you travel long distances between deliveries, you may want to consider a smart but comfortable option as you will be sitting at the steering wheel for long periods.

Uniform Garments

The items to include in your uniform packs will vary depending on the specific delivery driver role. Still, as a standard list with rough pricing per item, you may want to include the following:

Stiff-Collared Shirt £10 to £15
Polo Shirt £5 to £15
Sweatshirt £10 to £25
Fleece £10-25
High-Visibility Waistcoat £2 to £5
Waterproof Jacket £15 to £30
Waterproof Trousers £15 to £30
Trousers £10 to £20
Shorts £8 to £20
Shoes £12 to £30
Boots £20 to £35


Branding Options

So, now you know the importance of a branded uniform, but how do you get your hands on it? Well, there are two main purchase options when buying personalised business uniforms. The most affordable option is to purchase off-the-shelf garments and personalise them with your company name and logo. You can still pick colours to match your branding, but you may be limited on design. Alternatively, you can have garments made to order in particular styles and custom colours which can help your uniform to really stand out and leave a memorable impression with potential customers. The latter is a dearer option, and such bespoke order can often have lead times of around 12 weeks which isn’t always the best option if you need clothing for new staff or replacement uniforms regularly.

Once you’ve chosen which uniform to purchase, it is time to think about how you will personalise it. You can add your company name and logo using several methods:

  • Embroidery, either directly onto the garment or as an embroidered badge that is sewn onto the item. This option generally lasts the longest and looks the best.
  • Screen printing directly onto the item. This option is recommended for waterproof items as screen printing will usually maintain the integrity of the waterproof seal.
  • Heat-sealed badge
  • Tabs that are sewn into the garment. This option can be a subtle approach to branding your logo or company name into your uniforms.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

If you are working for an employer, the requirement for you to wear a uniform at work should be included in your employment contract and drivers handbook, focusing on any required PPE. Employers are required by legislation to provide PPE and ensure that it is being used. If you are self-employed, it is essential that you are aware of the PPE that you need for your role and wear this as required.

Some PPE can also be branded, such as facemasks.

Claiming on Expenses

While it may seem that a bundle of uniform added to your washing basket each week is going to be just another expense that you will have to swallow, think again. HMRC may allow you to claim tax relief for the costs of the upkeep of uniforms that are wholly and exclusively used for work purposes. This does not usually include the cost or upkeep of PPE such as helmets, safety boots/shoes, high visibility garments or gloves.


It is no secret that customers trust well-known companies. By encouraging positive brand recognition by investing in a smart, tidy and personalised uniform, you will be building customer confidence in your business as a reputable, professional and stand out choice for delivery services.

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